What’s Happening for 2015?

There have been a lot of changes in our lives in the past few years. And, each event that comes our way creates a need for us to revise our plans. Such is life! It was necessary for me to take a hiatus from designing for almost a year and now that we are in 2015 I will be able to devote a little more time to my work, but will still not be able to return to those all day, and often all-nighters, to keep up the pace with a full time work load.

Therefore, I need to delegate so I can put my time to the best use. In other words, designing and painting. So, here’s the strategy.

First of all, I will no longer be able to take orders.

My time will now have to be spent creating new designs for packets, a book, and for submissions for on-line publications with PaintingEzine.com, Pixelated Palette.

All my older packets will eventually be formatted into e-packets through the skill of Susan Kelley and offered for sale on her website, Puddles of Paint. Susan and I will be working through this process one by one until all the older packets are converted.

No more hard copies for the older designs. Once the inventory has been depleted I will not re-stock, and I am already out of many of the designs.

As new designs are created they will be formatted into e-packets and will also be sold on-line at Puddles of Paint. New designs will be available in hard copies and will be offered at Cabin Crafters and Cupboard Distributing.

Offering my designs at other locations will free me up here to focus solely on designing and painting. Thank you for your patience as I work through the process.


Contact Info for Suppliers:

Puddles of Paint


Cabin Crafters


Cupboard Distributing




Pixelated Palette


Monday, September 14, 2015

The Paintin' Chick Apron!

I am beginning a new chapter in my life, and therefore, I must make room. I am offering this apron for $ 40.00 plus shipping costs to your area.

This apron has been worn a few times, for demo and during class, so there are a few markings of paint.

I began with a blank canvas apron, and trimmed the edges with fabric, added more pockets and embellishmets from yarn and felt.

The buckle on the neck strap was taken from a lot of vintage sewing notions. 

There's also a small pin attached, which I created from felt to give a little extra pop. However, it can be removed. This is in the top left corner of the photo.

Please note that all sales are final.

Inquiries can be made at cindymannvitale@gmail.com

This is a one of a kind item, and will not be re-produced.
First come, first served.
I will take make the sale to the first request that I receive.

I will accept personal checks, cashier checks, or Paypal.